Q&A - Web Brick and Mortar


Why have your webshop with us? Its easy to use, multi channel enterprice commerce for you business, without the hassles and hefty price tag of traditional enterprice applications.

Do you have a cloud? Yes its fully hosted, cloud based solution.

What is the uptime? Blazing-fast servers 99%99% uptime

How do I grow: Focus on your business growth, we take care of everything else for you.

Can I upload my stock? Yes we have a seamless integration with any IT platforms

Can I customize? Yes you can design for a fee

Who sees this webshop? Facebook, Pinterest, Ebay, Amazon, Ebay, Twitter... unlimited... 

Why become partner with us? Earn money on every costumer you take to webbnm.com or reach out to thousand of costumers that you can sell your designs or apps.

Why is it quick & easy? Its fast and easy to start an online store at webbnm.com

Unlike many open-source solutions so do your customers no technical knowledge to get started on the store. All the major functions to get startet is already in place in a single platform from the outset.

Do you have a robust platform? Our platform has been built over many years for the Norwagien market. The platform is thus both flexible, robust and scalable. That means customers can easily scale up their business when they grow, whether is be with new apps or the ability to handle many orders

Why do say you are E-commerce specialist? Webbnm.com is the operator in Norway that may have the greatest and broadest experience in e-commerce. This ensure that customers get good monitoring and good supprt to all necessary services, not to mention that you get the helpd needed.

What is your start up costs? Our packages varies from 99,- to a maximum of 2999,- NOK eks MVA per month, then all you need to get started is included. That means you can encourage your customers to use resources on other value-added services such as apps, special design or marketing.

What is your solutions? Our solutions are tightly intergrated. The shop and the pshysical box solution is the same system, the same stock and the same products. This allows you to set up both online store and point of sale solutions for your customers easily.

Monetizing recurring comission? Take part in recurring income each month, it gets bigger and bigger every day. You will of course always have an overvies of your income and your customers via a dedicated dashboard.